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A Revolution in our Midst

With the economy in a recession and society’s trust in business at a low, Fuse Corps is a revolutionary venture that hopes to help solve these problems. In the blog Spring Wise, a blog post titled “Entrepreneurs matched with government leaders on grassroots projects” explains briefly the point and plan behind Fuse Corps. Fuse Corps is a one year program that hires 10 to 20 entrepreneurs who have high energy, at least eight years of experience, and great leadership skills to work side by side with mayors, governors, or social entrepreneurs. Starting this upcoming March, those selected with attend a two week leadership program and then be divided into working in either a “cabinet-level” position or with community-based organizations. They will be paid either based on a salary or on a stipend.

After further research on the Fuse Corps, I found that the venture is meant to offer a fresh approach to solving society problems that the government has so far been unable to complete. The program’s goals are to create a new generation of leaders that can solve problems from the ground up. The program is promoting a REVOLUTION!

The program itself was partly inspired by Thomas Friedman and Michael Mendelbaum’s book, That Used to be US. Friedman and Mendelbaum offer their views on how America got to its current situation as well as promoting their views on how to improve the conditions. They offer many examples of leaders who did make things work and were successful while everyone else was in a downward spiral. They recommend that America needs responsible leaders that make up a public-spirited elite in America. The emerging leaders also need to work from the bottom up on social issues for an overall renewal of America. By changing our priorities, culture, and values, America can move forward in a positive light.

The Fuse Corps is designed around this philosophy to jump start this revolution. I believe that the venture will change the relationship between business, government, and society. Currently, business and society have relied on the government to help regulate the economy in times of crisis and to bail out those businesses that are “too big to fail”. With the venture in place, business will now come to government in order to help solve society’s problems by working with officials on grassroots problems. By directly working with the government, officials can sign off immediately on plans and make them effective quickly. Entrepreneurs also have a chance to focus on solving social issues using their business background. The program sounds like a great opportunity for helping society gain trust back in business as well as a chance for business to really make a good difference in government and society.


About Amanda Skonezney

I am a senior accounting major and anthropology minor at Bucknell University. I am also apart of the division I women's water polo team. I currently live in Harrisburg, PA. After graduation, I plan on going into tax and earning my CPA.


3 thoughts on “A Revolution in our Midst

  1. Amanda, the idea behind Fuse Corps reminds me of the article we read last week by the Aspen Institute. The Aspen Institute was brings together top leaders in business and other institutions to discuss relevant issues in society. They discuss the topics and form solutions that they see best fit the problem. This seems similar to Fuse Corps, except they are finding new, fresh people with great leadership potential to work on their projects. I like that instead of just giving advice, they are able to work with governments on their ideas.

    Posted by Lauren Daley | February 7, 2012, 11:29 am
  2. I really like the idea of Fuse Corps. I remember Model UN in high school where we would always be looking at grass roots programs to help the third world countries my school was assigned. Fuse takes a new stance on this idea by bringing into entrepreneurs who think in a different way and thus can work alongside the government officials to provide unique ideas on how to improve societies. It also shows how these entrepreneurs will be able to gain a new perspective from the organization they work for.

    Posted by Catherine Gibbons | February 7, 2012, 4:30 pm
  3. Joey, I was referring to the big bailouts of both the banks and the auto industry including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, Citigroup, Bank of America, GM and Chrysler. I understand that the bailout did help save millions of jobs and money but at the same time, these companies were irresponsible with investments by only looking at the short term profits instead of the long term. These companies became predators by finding loopholes in regulations to make more money and gain more interconnectedness. This interconnectedness that they developed with other companies and financial services made them too big to fail. Once they declared bankruptcy, it could be determined that an entire financial system could be brought down! The government decided to step in to prevent this from happening, but even so, some companies still continued to spend their profits irresponsibly. For example, AIG decided to grant its executives with bonuses worth $65 million shortly after they were bailed out by the government while tax payers were left funding these bonuses and loans that the same executives caused.
    From what I gather, the purpose of the Fuse Corps is to prevent these crises in general. By having business savvy entrepreneurs that are more concerned with the general public than making large sums of money, they can help government develop programs that will reshape the predatory value of big business. These social issues start with education, economic development, and health care. The government is already trying to address these issues and with the help of business professionals, more successful programs may be developed. It is also a chance for business to make up to society for their past actions.

    Posted by Amanda Skonezney | February 7, 2012, 5:09 pm

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