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After reading the prompt, one glaring incident of sexism stands out from high school.  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where it is not uncommon to see two men kissing on the street and a black lady holding hands with an Asian man.  Tourists and out-of-towners definitely take note, but for residents, it is normal.  San Francisco is notoriously liberal in its views on social policies and therefore, most people who live in the area are liberal thinkers particularly on social issues.  This is why the incident of sexism stands out to me.  I believe sexism is still a pertinent issue in the Bay Area where other issues facing the nation seem to make huge progress.

I just picked up the game of golf last year, but many of my friends in high school were on the mens’ and womens’ golf teams.  I attended public high school and my government teacher was the coach for both teams.  While we were discussing the womens rights movement, he told us why the boys and girls teams have different home courses.  Both teams play at courses in the same town, but the boys’ course is within walking distance of our school while the girls’ course takes about 15 minutes to drive to.  The boys’ course, (Hillsborough country club…no website only phone number) is situated in a quiet, residential area while the girls’ course (Crystal Springs) is next to a freeway and at high altitude where the weather is much more windy and foggy.  My teacher (the coach) asked the Hillsborough club to allow the girls team to practice and play at their course.  The response he got from the club was, “If you want the boys’ team to continue playing here, you won’t ask that question again”.

My class was shocked at this statement that came from members of our community.  Nothing happened after this incident.  The boys still play at Hillsborough and the girls play at Crystal Springs.  I wonder why my teacher (who is male) didn’t make a statement and stick up for the girls by switching the boys to Crystal Springs.  Was he wrong for accepting the answer he received from Hillsborough?  Would a female coach have acted differently in this situation? Or would a female coaching the boys’ team even be allowed at Hillsborough?



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Blog 5 before session 6 What (interest) or Who (person) Inspires You? For this week’s prompt, the Blog Council wants you to examine how this class relates to your own interests. So, please write about how this class relates to some of your own intellectual or other learning interests. We are NOT interested in how it relates to a specific career goal. Plan B: same idea, but based on a person. See whole post for details.

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