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A New Normal?

For my paper, I was thinking about addressing the topic of increased polarization in American politics.  My main goal is to find what is causing this polarization.  Before I tackle that, I have to develop a thorough understanding of current events, and policy decisions.  I have only become enamored with politics over the last couple years, but I have always been up to date on current events.  Obviously, people have always disagreed over politics, but, from what I have witnessed and researched, this this has become an increasingly harmful problem.

The article that I thought would most match my current events and political theme was Paul Krugman’s “How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?”  My initial search on Google Scholar showed there were 466 works that cited this article.  I decided to narrow this down by searching within those results for “polarization,” and I got only 14 results.  The first result, titled “A New Normal? American Economic Policymaking After The Great Recession by Barry Plump,” immediately looked promising.  I clicked on it, and used the find function to search for the word “polarization.”  Eight results.  Looking even more promising.  Next, I used the find function to search for “krugman,” so that I could see where Plump used Krugman’s article.  Here was one of the two passages that he cited Krugman’s article for:

“Moreover, many of the same policymakers who lacked the foresight to see the longterm implications of deregulation were intimately involved in crafting re-regulation. Many economists involved in the policymaking process, especially, have been forced to do much soul-searching in the face of the practical failure of their theoretical models (Krugman, 2009)”

This sounded like it had the critical edge that I was looking for.  I went back to a couple of the other results, but they were not as relavant as Plump’s article.

Upon further examination of the Plump article, I found that his goal was to review recent literature about economic policymaking, which explains the amount of sources that he used.  The article looks at income inequality, electoral implications of our economic condition, and institutional responses to economic developments.  These are three of the hot topics in politics today, and this article addresses all of them in the context of political polarization!!



2 thoughts on “A New Normal?

  1. Sounds like you found a great article! I’d be interested to see what you end up finding out about increased polarization in American politics, since I also think it’s an intriguing topic. I’ve noticed that recently many of the GOP candidates just seem to be playing the “who is the furthest right?” game, which is really discouraging – why can’t we have a more neutral candidate? I really feel like they would have the most chance of success, since they have a better chance of appealing to more people. But hey, I guess there’s a reason they’re in politics and I’m not…

    Posted by Caitlin H. | March 27, 2012, 10:42 pm
  2. Over the years I have become more interested in politics as well. I certainly am not an expert in this arena, nor do I like to debate my political stance with others. However, I think it’s really interesting how American politics has become increasingly polarized. It seems like no one can agree with each other these days, making it hard to move forward and make decisions. Although people have different viewpoints, I think that sometimes the best thing to do is to compromise, even though recently that has been proven to be somewhat of a difficult task.

    Posted by Jenna | March 28, 2012, 2:09 pm

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