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Paper 2

So I have decided to look into Facebook for my paper 2 topic. Employers are now using Facebook as a screening process for job candidates. This is costing about 35% of those screened the position based on inappropriate content found. Recently, employers have begun to ask candidates for their passwords or to log on to view their profiles during an interview. This raises both legal and ethical questions.

As I have written up the actual case so far, I have found that I have developed two questions.
1. Are employers entitled to view candidate’s Facebook profiles by bypassing their privacy settings?
2. Are employers entitled to ask for a candidate’s password?

I have answered question 1 using Nozick’s Entitlement theory, however, I am now stuck on how to proceed. I don’t know if it would be beneficial to answer the second question using Nozick or should I concentrate on the first question only and compare that to Rawls? Or should I do both?


About Amanda Skonezney

I am a senior accounting major and anthropology minor at Bucknell University. I am also apart of the division I women's water polo team. I currently live in Harrisburg, PA. After graduation, I plan on going into tax and earning my CPA.


5 thoughts on “Paper 2

  1. They all sound good. How do you by pass privacy settings without the password? I am unsure how 1 and 2 are distinct in terms of facts.

    If you look at the password or the information as a “holding” I think you can absolutely apply Nozick. If you want to add Rawls, I think one way is to imagine we are all behind some sort of veil of ignorance and imagine what rules for privacy we would all establish.

    On a personal note, i wonder what you argue here? Personally, I am HORRIFIED at the presumption that an employer has a right to that information. What do they base their argument on? I can not imagine an ethical grounding for the practice. But if you do, I am interested to read it.

    Posted by Jordi | April 3, 2012, 8:57 am
    • Employers can pass privacy settings by using other employee’s Facebook’s to view use. For example, if you are apart of the Bucknell network, then anyone that is also apart of that network can view your page. Since we have alumni everywhere, employers can gain access that way. The second part is just straight up asking you for your password or to view it while you are sitting with them.

      While I consider my Facebook profile to be “clean” I still don’t think employers should be able to ask you for your password. If they wanted to view it, I have no concerns but my password is a personal security measure!

      Posted by Amanda Skonezney | April 4, 2012, 9:46 am
      • Ok, but do they have the RIGHT to use other employee’s accounts or to ask you for your? I would argue strongly no. Moreover, I think they may be bypassing good people. WHat kind of content are they looking for? They might discover that young people drink and pose in sexually suggestive ways?!?!?! Do they think this started since 2006? My point is that if they did not have this privilged information, as they did not BEFORE facebook, they would have hired these people and they woudl have been good employees. They are like false positive results in experiments. They THINK it means the candidate is no good. But that it is not the case.

        Posted by Jordi | April 4, 2012, 7:14 pm
  2. This may be a little out of scope for what you want to include, but I think it’d be interesting if you put a poll on the message center to get a pulse check of campus and see if anyone has been in this circumstance. Additionally, if so, what did they do in that circumstance. For myself and most people, our profiles are set to private and only allow friends to view. It astouds me that a company would invade personal privacy in this sense. If this is a criteria to let my potential boss or associate look through my personal life, then I would move on to the next job option.

    Posted by Danielle Marquette | April 3, 2012, 7:49 pm

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