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“If One Has No Sense of Humor, One is In Trouble”

Upon reading the blog assignment for the week, I actually dreaded it. I have been stuck in the library for the past two weeks straight, cranking out assignment after assignment. Even though I detest the hustle and bustle of the first floor of Bertrand, I quickly skimmed the book selection parallel to the courtyard computers for a title and cover that caught my attention. I was really hoping one would not only peak my interest, but also relate back to class. However, I was drawn to the smiling face of the Betty White. Seeing Caitlyn out of the corner of my eye, I quickly grabbed the book and made my way down to the lower level to begin writing.

The works of the great Betty White that I know are her hilarious skits on SNL, where I literally cannot control my laughter. Despite being 73 and appearing on shows such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls, and Life With Elizabeth, all shows airing even before we were born, she is still a comedic phenomenon in her own right. In her autobiography, If You Ask Me (And of Course You Wont), the seven time Emmy winner tackles topics ranging from friendship, romance and aging to television, comedy and her fans, interjecting her own personal stories into the mix. The book is broken up into chapters and then into shorter subchapters. In reading through the contents, the Hollywood Stories chapter drew me in, specifically the chapter on SNL.


What you probably did not know is that White had turned down hosting the NBC show three times before accepting a spot, with the persuasion of Facebook groups such as “Betty White to Host SNL (Please)” started by music sensation Dave Matthews. White discusses her apprehensions of having to read off a cue card, a practice that she never had to do because she memorized all her lines. Although SNL only has a few skits per episode, there are usually forty-to-sixty presented at the beginning of the week and the best ones eventually emerge as the main ones for the episode. She comments on how quickly the costume changes are, one minute and thirty seconds to change from scene to scene. But, as she remarks at the end, if it wasn’t for starring on SNL, she would not have received her seventh Emmy Award.

I next read the subchapter entitled, Name-Dropping, and something she wrote really resonated with me. As graduation is around the corner, I have started to think about the fact that I might not see half of the people I have had the pleasure in meeting here at Bucknell.White writes, “I talk about how two show-business people who encounter each other might not know each other, but they’re automatically in the same club, and they greet each other like friends.” Although everyone says how welcoming the Bucknell Alumni community is, it is daunting that I will soon be apart of that and I might have to rely on fellow Bucknellians for help in seeking a job. I hope that if our paths should cross, whether it be in the near or far future, that we will lend each other a helping hand with any situation. I think that is what makes Bucknell so unique and such an amazing place to go to school.

Sorry for the sappiness, as the end nears I cannot help but be that way. But… I have included some HILARIOUS Betty White clips to make up for it!


Sorry I could not include the videos.. for some reason it wouldnt let me do it.. Click on those links and they’ll take you to the videos!


About Dana Silverstein

I am a Senior Management and History major at Bucknell University. I currently live in Westchester, New York and am hoping to start a career in advertising upon graduation.


4 thoughts on ““If One Has No Sense of Humor, One is In Trouble”

  1. I have always liked Betty White’s work as an actress, especially in “The Proposal”. I think that her autobiography may be a very interesting read as I would agree with you that she definely has a lot of life experiences to share and with her sense of humor, I am sure that I would enjoy the book. Also, the clip was a nice touch to complement your post.

    Posted by Lauren McGuiggan | April 12, 2012, 4:43 pm
  2. Hahahah, laughed out loud to that clip, thanks Dana. I’d say you capitalized on this blog prompt and really found yourself a book that could provide enjoyment for the next couple of days! That is very surprising that Betty White memorizes all of her lines while acting, such a talent that few people can truly appreciate (like myself). I can imagine that her biography encompasses many fulfilling memories and could be certainly enjoyable.

    Posted by Derek | April 12, 2012, 5:40 pm
  3. I love Betty White! I’m glad the book worked out well for you after our lovely encounter. I have to agree with you on the Bucknell community bit. I work as a student caller, cold calling alumni to essentially solicit donations for the annual fund (although we do much more than just look for your money) and it is AMAZING how close the alumni community is. Everyone is so unbelievably friendly once they find out you’re a student at their alma mater…. even if they know they can’t donate, 99% of them still want to have a nice long convo. I’m struck time and time again by how interconnected our community is, you wouldn’t believe how many alumni we have doing such awesome things (one alum I talked to is Lady Gaga’s keyboardist and was on her Monster Ball tour!!). And they’re all so welcoming to another Bucknellian. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

    Posted by Caitlin H. | April 12, 2012, 11:38 pm
  4. Betty White is definitely a personal favorite. Literally right before reading this I was on twitter and saw what she (or someone posing to be her…I’m still not sure) said in response to Brad and Angelina’s rumored engagement: “Brad and Angelina are engaged! I hear they’re registered at Macy’s and at a Cambodian orphanage.” Anyways….just a little funny for your Friday afternoon. Back to the blog – it’s pretty amazing the revival that Betty White pulled off and I think it’s a testament to the power of social media. I can’t believe that she didn’t even know what Facebook was, yet that’s what ultimately drove her to SNL.

    Posted by Beth O'Brien | April 13, 2012, 2:52 pm

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