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Finding Motivation to Sleep

Personal health needs to be at the forefront of what is important in life. Often people carry so much on their shoulders, trying to juggle what seems like a million things at once. There is barely enough time in the day to get things accomplished – let alone think of spending quality time on one’s self. This needs to change.

One thing we don’t get enough of is sleep. Sleep should not be considered just another thing on the “to do” list. It’s more than just having the dark circles under the eyes and the annoyance of constant yawning. You feel better when sleeping close to 8 hours a night because the benefits of getting adequate sleep are immense! A good night’s sleep affects your overall lifestyle: more stamina, ability to focus, increased life expectancy, decreased anxiety and increased memory. As the brain rejuvenates itself while it sleeps (busy reorganizing thoughts and memories, allowing you to dream in the REM cycle), it may result in more creativity as well. Sleep deprivation has been linked to fatigue, weight gain, inflammation, stress, slower reaction times, lower performance, poorer decision making, cancer and other diseases. Plus, who likes a cranky person?

Sleep isn’t something you can try to make up during weekends; sleep is essential for life. This choice to ensure your body gets the rest it needs will enable you to wake up well-rested and ready to seize the day – to learn, to serve your community, to change the world!


About Danielle Marquette

I'm a senior management major at Bucknell University. I took last semester off to work as a marketing co-op for a Johnson&Johnson consumer beauty brand. I'm from Douglassville, Pennsylvania. I have 3 younger brothers and 6 step-sisters. I could live on strawberries and pineapples.


3 thoughts on “Finding Motivation to Sleep

  1. I agree with you Danielle! I have learned from my four year college experience that sleep is very vital to my academic and athletic achievements. While of course everyone has those hell weeks where it is impossible to get those eight hours of sleep each night, I have learned that planning ahead can lead to more sleep. I like to start projects, papers, or studying in advance so that if I get stuck on something, I can sleep it off and have a new outlook in the morning. I also found that staying off my computer late at night will cause be to go to bed earlier and fall asleep faster. If I do get on my computer, I can sometimes waste up to an hour of just surfing around that I could have otherwise slept!

    Posted by Amanda Skonezney | April 24, 2012, 3:00 pm
  2. I have always been an advocate of getting enough sleep, no matter how much work I have or how important my test is the next day. My parents had high expectations of me in school, but one thing my mom always told me was that it’s better to study what you can and get a solid night of sleep than to stay up all night and be so groggy that you can’t remember what you crammed into your brain. Luckily, I have carried that lesson with me through college (in 4 years year, I only pulled a few all nighters for MGMT 101), and it has served me well to keep in mind the importance of sleep! Hopefully I will continue to do so once joining the “real world.”

    Posted by Beth O'Brien | April 24, 2012, 8:36 pm

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