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Would You Buy a White Paper? Last WWYD?

As you know, we have been doing short vignettes-“What Would You Do?”-all semester.  A survey sent to BU faulty about “dishonesty among students” got me thinking about the ability to buy papers on the Internet.  I surfed to samedayessay.com .  The following transcript is verbatim.  I only changed the name of the customer service rep a I worried she would potentially face some retribution.

Interesting points:

  • The company claims they sell papers to be guides only.  I did not see the disclaimer anywhere.
  • The cost to do my white paper assignment seemed around $425.
  • Maria thought it was sad how many “lazy” students would use the service, but she seemed to suggest it was more acceptable for students also working or with other extenuating circumstances.
  • I posed as a student for awhile.
  • I left spelling errors in for accuracy.

Now online: Please leave your question here and one of our agents will attend to you shortly.

Customer Service

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in our services! Our friendly 24/7 support would be happy to answer any questions. Feel free to ask!


You (click to change)

so, I give you a topic and you can produce a 15 page research paper?

You are currently being served by




You (click to change)



Customer Support

Hi there! Our friendly support reps are online, feel free to chat with us if you need assistance =)



when do you need the paper done?


You (click to change)

I am just trying to figur eout if you help me with my paper o if you atually provide a complete paper


oh, um Thursday

sorry for the typing



it’s ok. well, we actually write the paper from scratch following your instructions


You (click to change)

oh. Wow. that seems cool but a little sketchy

the research paper prices are accurate? So like a 15 page paper is $405?



please check this page:http://samedayessay.com/order_now

the price will be calculated automatically as you specify the order details


You (click to change)

what if the professor wnats something like a resarch paper but more specific. this one wants a “policy analysis” of an existing area. I have the topic, and some research, but I am worried I won’t finish. And I need this class to gaduate!




after you place an order you will be able to contact the writer directly, so you will be able to forward the professor’s instructions to the writer

of course, the sources will be properly cited. the writer will do the research that has to be done to write the paper


You (click to change)




yes, please follow this link to place an order:http://samedayessay.com/order_now?dsc_code=smd20

this link will automatically apply your 20% First time customer discount


You (click to change)

No, in full disclosure, I should tell you I am actually a professo and was wondering what the services out there are like. I will use our chat as the basis of a discussion of ethics.

You (click to change)

No, in full disclosure, I should tell you I am actually a professo and was wondering what the services out there are like. I will use our chat as the basis of a discussion of ethics.

I say this as I feel professionally bound by a code of ethics.

my contact info: jcomas@bucknell.edu


Thank you.  If I can be of further assistance let me know.

You (click to change)

Well since you asked, d you feel like you are helping students cheat?


No.  As we say in our disclaimer: Disclaimer: All the papers you get at samedayessay.com are meant for research purposes only. These are sample papers that you may use to develop certain skills, but you should refrain from submitting them as your own.

You (click to change)

Oh.  So, if a student takes that paper for research purposes, designed the way a professor wants, and submits it for a grade, then the moral burden is on him or her?  Not the company or it’s writer?  Correct?


yes. we emphasise the fact that the papers are meant for research/reference purposes rather than for submission. that’s why we never guarantee the grade a student can get if the paper is submitted. all we guarantee is that the paper will follow the instructions provided by the customer, and, of course, will follow academic standards


You (click to change)

Do you also write for samedayessay.com yourself? Just curious?



no, i don’t. i’m just a customer support operator


You (click to change)

And you are allowed to chat with me so long? Will your manager get annoyed? i do appreciate it, by the way…



as you might have noticed, i don’t respond at once because there are customers i have to attend to. as long as all the customers are served, i can chat with you, too


You (click to change)

I see. I would imagine close to 99% of your clients take their paper and submit it as their own work. What do you think?

I agree with you. My students, if they pay full fee, pay $50k a year for this school. To pay that, and then NOT get the value of learning… it is like buying a porsche and then hiring a chauffer.



good point 🙂

can i ask you something? will you be discussing these questions in class? or is it some kind of reseach you are going to publish?


You (click to change)

in class. not research




just interested. i wonder what the students think about this. how they would explain their choice to use this service


You (click to change)

Well, email me and I will tell you! Thank you for chatting… I need to go.


You too.  Thank you.


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