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What Can Travel Do For You?

In my opinion, the movie Motorcycle Diaries offers an important message to live by: “Deja que el mundo te cambie y podrás cambiar el mundo” (“Let the world change you, and you can change the world”).  Before we can create positive change for ourselves and for others, we first need to discover the world around us and be changed by our experience.  Continue reading

Blog Prompt- Somewhere to Visit

“Somewhere to Visit and Think Tanks”

The idea here is to write about a place you would like to visit and then explore think tanks to learn more about your initial interest.

Suggested steps:

  1. Write a paragraph or two about why you would like to visit or re-visit your location.

For example, mine might be Costa Rica as I went there for study abroad and would love to visit it.  Or my wife might chose Lithuania to track down ancestors.  Or, and I got to go a year ago, Berlin, because I want to see the divided city of my childhood memories reunified.

Explain WHY you are interested in this place.

  1. Now, look over the think tank resources we discussed in class and that are on the GOOGLE SITES page for this class.  Your goal is to find a think tank that says something about your PLACE and/or TOPIC (why you were interested).  Ideally, maybe you can find both.
    1. Pay special attention to the lists of lists on the site.  For example, the NIRA, Kennedy School, and Columbia University resources.
  1. Discuss what you found in your blog post.  Discuss, briefly, your assessment of the quality of the think tank’s information and credibility.

Why?  Because think tanks can be useful research sources for your paper 2 and final white paper.


Blog 5 before session 6 What (interest) or Who (person) Inspires You? For this week’s prompt, the Blog Council wants you to examine how this class relates to your own interests. So, please write about how this class relates to some of your own intellectual or other learning interests. We are NOT interested in how it relates to a specific career goal. Plan B: same idea, but based on a person. See whole post for details.

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