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The Shortest Post… Six Word Memoirs

Brevity can be the kind of constraint that produces creativity.  For your next post, I want you to do this fun exercise: write your life memoir (actual or aspirational) in six words. No more, no less.

This is inspired by a book of famous people’s six word memoirs.  Like Stephen Colbert’s :”Well, I thought it was funny.”  Or singer Aimee Mann: “Couldn’t cope, so I wrote songs.”

To write yours, open this post, and add yours to the list (this way we can see all of them easily).  Like so:

Jordi: “Jesting while jousting the stubborn world.”  Also: “I don’t have time for assholes.”

Dana: “I am woman, hear me roar”

Derek: “Past experiences are ones never lost”

Joey: “Strike while the iron is hot.”

Catherine: “She killed him, I’ll kill her.”

Caitlin: “I wanted to do it all.”

Jenna: “I am wandering, but not lost.”

Patrick: “Only the strong will survive life.”

Amanda: “Self-discipline and karma get me places.”

Lauren M: “Living to learn and discover myself.”

Alyssa: “I did, I want, I will.”

Lauren D: “Why not? Just go for it.”

Ben: “Sometimes lazy, sometimes working, always scheming.”

Beth: “Believed she could, so she did”

Ryan: “Who am I? Well, I am…”


Irony in Research- US Chamber of Commerce

As I was constructing a list of business groups and associations for our research projects, I was looking at the US Chamber of Commerce’s website.  The USCOC is almost always supportive of right-wing or Republican policies.  I wanted to see what they had published or even researched about poverty for a student’s white paper argument draft.

Their search engine, ironically, asked me if I meant “property” instead of “poverty.”

Unintended irony!

TV Fun… Blgo Prompt for Blog 7 (pre-spring break)

Here is what the BC came up with on Friday.  Enjoy!  PS- if you are feeling like learning some tech skills, I recall I have had students use the VLC media player, an open source media player, which was good at extracting clips from DVDs at least.  Even if you are clipping copy-righted material, I think you are covered under the fair use clause for education.

For this week’s blog post please select a TV episode of your choosing and relate it to either management or business. We will give a reward to the most interesting post. This entails choosing an episode that on the surface seems to have little relation to business or management, but that you analyze in a way that clearly connects the show to our subject matter.

Reward: Choose one week where you only have to complete half of the homework questions for FULL credit!!

Boring post example: Connecting an episode of The Office to business or BGS topics

Exciting post example: Connecting Paranormal State to business or BGS topics.

on Behalf of BC,


Blog 5 before session 6 What (interest) or Who (person) Inspires You? For this week’s prompt, the Blog Council wants you to examine how this class relates to your own interests. So, please write about how this class relates to some of your own intellectual or other learning interests. We are NOT interested in how it relates to a specific career goal. Plan B: same idea, but based on a person. See whole post for details.

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